Janusz Falecki,  Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland

Aleksander Babiński, Police Academy in Szczytno, Poland



Task performance in the area of counteraction and removal of contemporary threats results requires a state to use all of its possible sources and resources. Main entities that carry out those tasks are Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland and Polish Police. Important areas of Polish Armed Forces and Police activities include tasks in the field of crisis management, security and public order maintenance, as well as country’s defence. An effective task performance in particular areas is highly reliant on the quality of joint operations of the entities. Different legislative acts only slightly define powers to organize joint operations by Armed Forces and Police, however, the rules of such operations are described in detail in the agreements concluded between them. The area of joint operations of Polish Armed Forces and Police which should be of much attention is a good organization of joint training courses and field exercises. Such undertakings would significantly improve the effectiveness of joint operations of the entities, consequently reducing the number of victims and material loss, improving the protection of natural environment and providing the state security at a high level.