Wojciech Filipkowski, University of Białystok, Poland



This article presents the overall inter-institutional relations within the system for counteracting and, in part, combating the financing of terrorism at a national and international level. A brief analysis of the national and international legal aspects of the elements of the system was made. A key institution in this is the financial intelligence unit. In the case of Poland this is the General Inspector for Financial Information. Therefore, a most extensive analysis was made of the activities of this State body from the official annual reports published on the website of the Ministry of Finance. The study covered an eleven year period, that is, from 2004 to 2015. This paper is the starting point for discussing the scope of the institutional framework, preceded by relevant research, in the fight against financing terrorism at a strategic level. The summary expresses the Author’s view on the scope of activities of the General Inspector of Financial Information at the operational, tactical and strategic level.