Izabela Hrynek, European Union Rule of Law Mission EULEX Kosovo

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The  aim of the present article is to analyze the legal instruments regulating the  legislative drafting policy within the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the  Republic of Kosovo. The article describes also legislative drafting activities  within this Ministry, including i.g. legislative initiative right. Providing a  proper quality of drafting of legal acts within the Ministry of Internal  Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo is crucial for the aim to be commonly  understandable by the citizens. It is also a condition for the appropriate  implementation of legislation drafting within the Ministry of Internal Affairs  of the Republic of Kosovo. The present thesis tries to give tools for a further  discussion if the above mentioned Kosovar legal instruments constitute enough  legal basis for achieving the high quality of drafting legal acts within the  Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo. In this context the  article takes into consideration existing European standards that constitute  the basic guidelines for drafting process. The article bases on the main  European legal acts that contain the various technical criteria to be taken as  drafting the legislative acts particularly such as postulates to clearly define  the rights and obligations of beneficiaries thereof or to provide the  consistency of the various provisions of the acts and existing legislation. The  present article analyses also the level of incorporation of best practices  applied by the drafters of legal acts at the European level into the  Ministerial legal acts. The article tries to give the answer if European  measures in drafting procedures in the Ministry reflect on the quality of  legislation established on their legal basis. This article constitutes the  first step to develop the observations concerning development of legislation  process in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo.