Armed Forces and Civil Security. Interdependence and Transformation in Face of Modern Threats

Suchanek Pawel, Analysis and Supervision Department at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, Poland

Keywords: modern threats, public order and safety, armed forces, cooperation, transition, Military Police

Detection of Smuggling and Conducting an Investigation in Connection with Car Smuggling from the Republic of Poland to the Kaliningrad District of the Russian Federation

Vladimir Miechkov, Kaliningrad Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

Svetlana Khazanova, Kaliningrad District Court judge

Keywords: car smuggling, organised groups activity, conducting investigations

Hypothesis on the Emanation and Nature of Hypnosis

Evhen Hlywa, Academician of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine

Keywords: self-hypnosis, trance, hypnosis

Instrumentation Measurement of Psychophysiological Readiness for Human-Oriented Professional Activity

Sergiy Boltivets, G.S.Kostjuk’s Institute of Psychology of APS of Ukraine

Keywords: instrumentation measurement, psychophysiological states, human-oriented professional activities, objectification of the indices of readiness

Fingerprint Development by 1,2‑indanedione and Other Chemical Methods on So‑called Difficult Absorbent Surfaces

Slawomir Zubanski, Higher Police School in Szczytno

Keywords: fingerprints, chemical methods of fingerprint visualisation, absorbent surfaces, Automated Fingerprint Identification System — AFIS, genipin method

Accuracy of Polygraph Testing and its Status as Scientific Evidence

Magdalena Zubanska, Higher Police School in Szczytno

Keywords: polygraph test, accuracy, false positives, false negatives, reliability and validity of the method

Police Response To Terrorist Attacks

Kuba Jaloszynski, Higher Police School in Szczytno

Keywords: terrorism, prevention, police procedures

Forensic Marking Traps

Marek Lachacz, Higher Police School in Szczytno

Keywords: forensic science, methods of police work, forensic traps, technical means and chemical agents used in forensic traps

Book Review: T. Newburn, T. Williamson, A. Wright (Eds.), Handbook of Criminal Investigation, Willan Publishing, 2007

Jerzy Konieczny, The Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University College, Poland


Recent Developments in the Field of Psychological Support for the Activities of Security Forces

Sergey Girko, All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

Keywords: psychological and forensic profile, hypnoreproduction, information reconstruction methodology, polygraph

Ability of the Police to Prevent Crime Through Environmental Design Measures

Krzysztof Lojek, Higher Police School in Szczytno

Keywords: crime prevention, physical environment, security by design, land development

Knowledge of English as a Second Language in Personnel Dealings with Foreigners in the Context of International Security

Olena Vasylenko, Kyiv National University of Internal Affairs, Ukraine

Keywords: English language, foreigners, public security

Police Systems in Selected Countries

Arkadiusz Letkiewicz, Higher Police School in Szczytno

Keywords: management through quality, police systems, management strategy, incentive scheme

Survey on the Teaching Staff of European Police Colleges

Piotr Bogdalski, Higher Police School in Szczytno

Keywords: teaching staff, police education, Bologna Process

Hypnosis and Client Centered Therapy

Evhen Hlywa, Academician of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine

Keywords: psychotherapy, hypnotic suggestibility, client centered therapy

Fight and the Integrity of the Fight as an Element of Determining Safety in the Light of the Integrity of the Police Service

Andrzej Pawlowski, Higher Police School in Szczytno

Keywords: fight, the integrity of the fight, safety, professional integrity, police

Genetic Identification of Burnt Bodies Based on Biological Remains Preserved at Scenes of Acts of Terrorism, Disasters, and Criminal Acts

Renata Wlodarczyk, Higher Police School in Szczytno

Keywords: dentification of dead bodies, mtDNA, Polymerase Chain Reaction, STR loci