Implementation of the Framework Decision of the EU Council of 22.07.2003 (2003/577/WSiSW) on the Execution in the European Union of Orders Freezing Property or Evidence in the Selected EU Member States

Cezary Kulesza, University in Białystok, Poland

Keywords: freezing property, evidence, implementation

Combat Against Legalization of the Income Generated as a Result of Criminal Activities (CIS Data)

Butkevich Sierghej, Odessa State University of Home Affairs, Ukraine

Keywords: security, organized crime, money laundering, financial intelligence

Europol’s Contribution Towards Detecting Criminal Activities – Recent Developments

Tomasz Safjanski, National Police Headquarters, Poland

Keywords: intelligence, assets seizure, intelligence sourc

Combating Terrorism on the Post-Soviet Territories: from Politics to Law

Jarosław Lyzohub, Luhansk National University of Internal Affairs of E.A. Didorenko, Ukraine

Keywords: act of terror, juridical analysis, counter-terrorism

Bureau of Antiterrorist Operations — The Polish Police Counter Terrorist Unit as Compared to European Units

Kuba Jaloszynski, Higher Police School in Szczytno, Poland

Keywords: terrorism, counter terrorism, antiterrorist unit, police

Poland in the system of international cooperation in the scope of physical elimination of terrorism in the European Union

Waldemar Zubrzycki, Higher Police School in Szczytno, Poland

Keywords: terrorism, antiterrorist unit, ATLAS group

European Union and United Nations Legal Framework for Tracing of Weapons

Pawel Suchanek, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo

Keywords: trafficking of weapons, manufacturing of weapons, forensic intelligence, marking

Retribution and the purposes of punishment according to the Penal Legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan and Republic of Ukraine

Аlija Baiseitova, Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic Kazakhstan

Keywords: retribution, punishment, penal policy

The Right of Person for the Appeal of Administrative Juridictional Process: Updated Look at the Concept and Characteristics of the Institute of Appeal

Pavlo Lyutikov, Zaporizhzhya National University, Ukraine

Keywords: administrative process, appeal, disciplinary proceedings, complaints

The Peculiarities of the Participation of Subjects of Authority’s Powers in Advanced Administrative Process of Ukraine

Volodymyr Bevzenko, Kherson Law Institute of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs, Ukraine

Keywords: administrative process, administrative judiciary, authority’s powers

Police in critical situations

Bernard Wisniewski, National Defence University in Warsaw, Poland

Jaroslaw Pronko, Jan Kochanowski University of Humanities and Sciences in Kielce, Poland

Keywords: media, threat, information, leader, training

Modern Technologies in the Service of Public Security

Tadeusz Szczurek, Military University of Technology, Poland

Keywords: sensors, detectors, modern technologies, non-lethal weapons

Selected Aspects of Cooperation Between the Polish Armed Forces and the Military Police Together with the Police Concerning Internal Security

Janusz Falecki, The Military Training Centre For Peace Support Operations, Poland

Keywords: national security, armed forces, military police, threat, critical situation

The Principles of Policy Concerning the Prevention and Counteraction of Crime With the Active Participation of the Local Community

Paweł Kobes, University of Warsaw, Poland

Keywords: decentralization, civil society, crime, local government

The Dutch “Police Label Secure Housing” a Successful Approach

Armando Jongejan, Dutch Police Force, North Holland North Region, Holland

Keywords: secure housing, crime prevention, environmental design

Neighborhood Watch and Crime Prevention in Contemporary Japan

Tadeusz Adam Ozog, Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan

Keywords: crime prevention, neighborhood watch, collective responsibility, juvenile watch

Results of a Study on Aggressive Offenders’ Behavior in Traffic

Marcel Kuhlmey, Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany

Keywords: aggression, road traffic, road safety

Theoretical Models for Obtaining Nobel Prizes in the Area of Criminalistics

Csaba Fenyvesi, University of Pécs in Hungary

Keywords: human scent, odourology, bio detective, lie detector, mono scanner, brain reader

Competence in Police Work

Grzegorz Olszewski, Regional Police Headquarters in Bialystok, Poland

Keywords: key competences, competence structure, competence management, competence potential

Announcement: Prison Labor as an Aspect of Corrеtctional Institutions Security

Elena Emelyanova, Academy of Management of the Ministry of the Interior, Russian Federation

Announcement: Implementation of the State Program "Trinity of Languages" in the Security System of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Zhanat Salchanova, Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic Kazakhstan

Book Review: S. Taseva, Money Laundering, Akademski Pecat, Macedonia 2007

Wiesław Jasinski, Central Anticorruption Bureau, Poland