Bernard Wiśniewski, Police Acedemy in Szczytno, Poland



This article presents the basic theoretical issues related to the use of armed forces to support the actions of institutions responsible for the internal security of the state. The reflections presented are based on an analysis of the literature on security sciences, generally applicable laws and directives of a strategic nature related to national security issues of the Republic of Poland. The basis for the discussion was a presentation of the significance of the effectiveness of the internal security system — the vision and  the  state security strategy. This served to  illustrate the  basic areas of  support that have been identified on the  basis of the common use of the term “internal security”. It is assumed that these are public safety and general security, understood as the components of the internal security of the state. An important issue in this part of the article is an overview of these types of security, which allows the relationships between them to be indicated. This range of considerations has consequently enabled the presentation of the rules of support for institutions responsible for the internal security of the state by the armed forces. Rules that have scientific justification, unmatchable practical value and that are systematically improved in the course of the day-to-day activity of the entities mentioned. In the final part of the work a summary, along with an indication of the specific scope of support, has been made using the conclusions of the provisions of generally applicable law.