Hlengani Phanuel Bila, Cornelis Roelfose,  University of Limpopo, Republic of South Africa



Organised crime is receiving increasing attention from researchers around the world (Cf. Finckenhauer & Voronion, 2001; Gastrow, 2001; Grant; 2012; Williams, 2014; Doctorow, 2014; Bila, 2015). The many facets and focus areas of organised crime groups deal with a plethora of crimes and the operational and organisational aspects of this phenomenon. In this article the Authors focus on organised vehicle theft. The theoretical perspectives of systems theory are blended with encroachment theory to unravel the organisational matrix of a typical vehicle theft syndicate. Through the literature review the various components of such syndicates, focusing on exporting stolen vehicles, have been unravelled. In addition, the authors indicate how corruption and political connections in organised crime create matrix organisations.