Aleš Zpěvák, Martin Kohout, University of Jan Amos Komensky in Prague, Czech Republic
Jiří Víšek, Zdeněk Fiala, Police Academy of Czech Republic in Prague, Czech Republic




The evaluation of employees is currently one of the fundamental managerial tasks of each employer. The assessment of employees is used for documentation and recapitulation  of the employee’s job performance, which is associated with particular tasks. This can be a very important tool for the management of an organisation and the method of evaluation of the performance of its own employees. The Czech Republic is facing some difficulties when recruiting policemen and policewomen. This is mainly due to the lengthy process of recruitment and examination, which takes place before the actual hiring. In addition, the candidates must pass tests in the field of mental endurance, physical fitness etc. There is a similar situation to be observed at the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic, where they want to recruit 8,000 personnel but do not have enough potential candidates. This will become a serious issue for the personnel department of the Czech Ministry of Defence, especially if President Donald Trump decides to reduce the number of US troops. The innovative element of this scientific article is that the whole issue is brought together with the various laws and regulations of the Civil Code of the Czech Republic, which is compared with the Labour Code and also applied to members of the armed security forces. The object of this article is to highlight the need and importance of effective evaluation of candidates in connection with various methods of employee evaluation in the context of the Czech Civil Code and Labour Code. The article describes the fundamentals of the evaluation process.