The Right of Nations to Self-Determination in the Context of the Regaining of Independence by Poland — an International-Law Analysis

Małgorzata Andrzejczak-Świątek, Police Academy in Szczytno, Poland

 The Achievements of the Codification Commission of the Second Republic of Poland — a Century After Regaining the Independence

 Ewa M. Guzik-Makaruk, Piotr Fiedorczyk, University of Białystok, Poland

 Criminal Legislation at the Time of Poland’s Regaining Independence

 Anna Świerczewska-Gąsiorowska, Police Academy in Szczytno

 Professor Waclaw Szyszkowski — a Lawyer, Anticommunist, One From the Generation of Independent Poland

 Piotr Kardela, Police Academy in Szczytno, Poland

 The Evolving Protection of Borders of the Reborn Second Republic of Poland

 Paweł Lubiewski, Police Academy in Szczytno, Poland

 Examples of the Relationship Between the Police and the Polish Army Over the Last Century

 Sławomir Bylina, Police Academy in Szczytno, Poland

 Professional Ethics of Officers Responsible for Security and Public Order in the Light of Empirical Research

 Marek Fałdowski, Police Academy in Szczytno, Poland

 Ethical Traditions of the Polish Police

 Edward Wiszowaty, Police Academy in Szczytno, Poland

 Anna Zellma, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland

From Questioning Notes to Audiovisual Videoconferencing — Reflections on the Evolution of the Model of Hearing a Witness Against the Background of the Solutions Adopted in the Code of Criminal  Procedure of 1928 and 1997

Agnieszka Choromańska, Police Academy in Szczytno, Poland

Competences of the Police in Criminal Proceedings — Experience and Present — Legal and Comparative Approach in the 100th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Police

 Monika Porwisz, Police Academy in Szczytno, Poland