The Importance of Personnel Evaluation Activities of the Armed Forces - Evaluation Methods, Taking Into Account Certain Aspects of Czech Private Law

Aleš Zpěvák, Martin Kohout, University of Jan Amos Komensky in Prague, Czech Republic

Jiří Víšek, Zdeněk Fiala, Police Academy of Czech Republic in Prague, Czech Republic

The Organisational and Social Climate Level of an Institution as One of the  Determinants of Internal Security

Jadwiga Stawnicka, University of Silesia, Poland

Iwona Klonowska, Higher School of Social Sciences ”Pedagogium”, Poland

Organised Vehicle Theft Operations: Unravelling the Matrix

 Hlengani Phanuel Bila, Cornelis Roelfose,  University of Limpopo, Republic of South Africa

Air Accidents over Water — Selected Forensic Aspects

Marcin Krzysztof KoniecznyPolice Academy in Szczytno, Poland 

Integrity Testing in Poland - Issues, Experience and Practical Comments

Piotr Hac, War Studies University in Warsaw, Poland 

Theoretical Aspects of Support for Institutions Responsible for the Internal Security of the State by the Armed Forces

Bernard Wiśniewski, Police Acedemy in Szczytno, Poland 

Understanding Police Culture through the Use of the OCAI Method

Monika Pajpachová, Iveta Nováková, Police Academy in Bratislava, Slovakia 

The Safety of Participants in Pilgrimages, Processions and Funeral Corteges Using Public Roads

Aleksander Babiński, Łomża State University of Applied Sciences, Poland 

Institutional Framework for Combating the Financing of Terrorism at a National and International Level 

Wojciech Filipkowski, University of Białystok, Poland 

Intranet Communication on the Example of an IT System for Research and Decision-making Analysis “SINDBAD”

Mariusz Nepelski, Dominik Hryszkiewicz, Police Academy in Szczytno, Poland

Effect of the Taser X26 and Taser X2 Electric Stun Guns on Skin Tissue of Pigs in the Context of Use by the Uniformed Services

Paweł Jastrzębski, Marcin Nowak, Police Academy in Szczytno, Poland

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Aleksandra Kaczmarek, War Studies University in Warsaw, Poland 

An Outline of the Legal Protection of Air in Poland and the European Union 

Marcin Jurgilewicz, Oktawia Jurgilewicz, Rzeszów University of Technology 

An Analysis of the Legal Systems and Mechanisms Introduced in the European Union in the Fight Against Cyberspace Threats

Anna Kańciak, University of Warsaw, Poland 

The Principles and Operation of the Bretton Woods International Monetary System in the Years 1944–1971. The Reasons for Its Collapse.

Zbigniew Klimiuk, Institute of Labour and Social Studies, Warsaw, Poland