Ways of Ensuring Social Respect and Support for the Activities of the Police

Aleksandr N. Pastushenia, Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus in Minsk

Keywords: company culture, police, social respect to the police

Challenge of Competence-Based Police Ethics Education

Jiří Sůva, Police College of the Ministry of the Interior in Prague, Czech Republic

Keywords: company culture, competence-based education, educational process, ethics

The "Intermediate" Criminal Law in the Legal Position of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine

Galina Karelova, Constitutional Court of Ukraine

Keywords: criminal law, criminal liability, death penalty, punishment

Lobbying as a Form of Corruption

Victor D. Gvozdecky,
Ukrainian State University of Finance and International Trade in Kiev, Ukraine

Keywords: corruption, criminal law, lobbying

Implementation of the Functions of Prosecution in a Criminal Case: Historical and Legal Analysis

Rifat Yuldoshev, Academy of Management of the Ministry of Interior of Russia

Keywords: criminal case, criminal proceedings, investigation, prosecution

The Council of Europe Convention Medicrime and Its Role in the Fight Against International Crime

N.F. Fayzrakhmanov, Academy of Management of the Ministry of Interior of Russian Federation

Keywords: counterfeiting of medical products, international cooperation, medicrime convention, transnational crimes

Joint Investigation Teams in the European Union

Libor Klimek, Pan-European University, Bratislava, Slovakia

Keywords: international cooperation, joint investigation team, law enforcement, organized crime

Civilian Crisis Management Missions of the European Union

Marek Brylonek, European External Action Service, Brussels

Keywords: common security, crisis management, defence politics, foreign mission

Exercise of Criminal Procedural Jurisdiction by Consular Officers in the Compound of Diplomatic Missions and Consular Posts

Pyotr A. Litvishko, Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

Keywords: criminal jurisdiction, diplomatic mission, international law, law enforcement

The Technology of Mental Situational Modelling in the System of Optimisation of Crime Investigation

Tatiana S. Volchetskaya, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University In Kaliningrad, Russia

Keywords: crimeinvestigation, mental process, modelling criminal situation

Theoretical and Practical Aspects of a Situational Approach as an Integrative Criminalistics Technology of Discovering, Analysing, and Eliminating Investigative Errors

Vladimir P. Kramarenko, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in Kaliningrad, Russia

Keywords: criminalistics, investigative errors, situational approach

The Biometric Features used for Forensic Identification of Humans

Renata Wlodarczyk, Police Academy in Szczytno, Poland

Keywords: biometrics, database, identification

Procedure Analysis of the Special Investigative Actions Through Cyberspace in Countries of Common and Continental Law

Oleksandr V. Manzhai, Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs, Ukraine

Keywords: cybercrime, information technologies, investigative action, law enforcement

Problem of Cybercrime in Ukraine: Spread of, Specific Nature, and Methods of Fighting

Olena Vasylenko, Kyiv National University of Internal Affairs, Ukraine

Keywords: cybercrime, internet, law enforcement, transnational crimes

Legal Boundaries Between Internet Piracy and a Legal Exchange of Files Through the Internet

Jakub Michal Doliński, Olsztyn, Poland

Keywords: copyright, intellectual property rights, international law, internet, internet piracy

A Comparative Analysis of Substance Abuse Amongst Graden 11 And 12 Learners in Selected Secondary Schools in the Thohoyandou Area of Limpopo, South Africa

Tshimangadzo O. Magadze, Cornelis J. Roelofse, University of Limpopo, Republic of South Africa

Keywords: community policing, crime prevention, juvenile, substance abuse

Situational modelling in teaching a foreign language to law enforcement officers

Svetlana Denisova, Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus in Minsk

Keywords: educational process, foreign languages teaching, situational modeling

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