Tomasz R. Aleksandrowicz, Pultusk Academy of Humanities, Poland

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The article discusses the issue of national cyber security. The author starts with the assumption that the development of an information society and the growing dependence of a modern country on effectively functioning information technology systems make it sensible to distinguish cyber security within the framework of an integrated system of state security, which is understood as being a trans-sector area. Cyber security has nowadays become an area not only of criminal activities, but also, and equally with land, sea and air space, an area of war activities. This being so, in the author’s opinion, it is absolutely necessary to create a legal basis for national defensive and offensive actions, as there is lack of relevant acts of international law on activities carried out in cyberspace. The situation makes it necessary to distinguish a region of cyber security, which is understood as a transsector area, under the integrated system of security. The concept was used in the works of the Strategic Survey of the National Security. The activities of government agencies (in the military sphere as well as in the non-military one) undertaken in the area of cyber security have to cover defensive actions (protecting cyberspace against external attacks) as well as offensive ones (including state’s capabilities to a retaliatory cyberattack or taking actions aiming at combatting organized crime).