Waldemar Zubrzycki, Police Academy in Szczytno, Poland

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Terrorism is now considered as one of the most serious threats to world civilization. The level of the terrorist threat in Poland is assessed to be low, but there are a number of reasons why the Polish Republic might be a target for terrorist activities. The major responsibility of the state is to ensure the security of its citizens therefore a number of initiatives exist aimed at preventing terrorist attacks. These relate to a range of activities undertaken within the framework of a system especially created for this purpose. One way to combat terrorism is to carry out anti-terrorist activities on a multidimensional basis, which includes systematic cooperation between all interested parties. Overall effectiveness at a national level increases as a result of the involvement of institutions within various departments. One of the most important entities in the field of combating terrorism holding regular meetings is the Interdepartmental Team for Terrorist Threats. There are several different teams that are responsible for specific tasks such as e.g. working on proposals to revise and streamline legislation and organizational solutions on counter-terrorism in Poland. Interdepartmental initiatives also concern the prevention of the illegal proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and terrorist attacks conducted by using civilian aircraft. Representatives of various governmental departments are involved in the work of the Internal Security Agency Counterterrorism Centre, especially in the field information exchange, and they also cooperate within the Government Crisis Management Team in the area of crisis management, as well as the College for Special Services in matters of programming, monitoring and coordination of services.