Adrian Szumski, University of Wrocław, Poland

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The article concerns a new initiative of police cooperation in Africa — Afripol. I undertook an attempt to answer the question about the value of this project and included my recommendations as for the status of Afripol and its tasks. The analysis of recent actions connected with building the foundations of Afripol led me to the following conclusions. First of all, the legal status of Afripol will be precisely determined and it seems that it will have an institutional form, as an intergovernmental organization. The second main issue is to define the aims and tasks of Afripol. In my opinion, the role of this organization will consist in coordinating the efforts of police forces in Africa to combat crimes that are the main threat for member countries (organized and cross-border crimes above all). Finally, the third crucial matter is to link Afripol to global police cooperation. In particular, Afripol has to interact with Interpol which is currently the leading international police organization. Also relations with regional organizations and those that belong to the United Nations System will positively influence Afripol’s activity.